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#OneTakeBeauty: en esto consiste el último reto 'body positive' de Instagram

One Take Beauty

¿Cuándo fue la última vez que te sacaste un solo selfie? No dos, ocho o veintiséis, para tener varias opciones donde elegir antes de subirlo a las redes sociales. Solo uno. Esa fue la pregunta que se hizo hace unos días Michelle Elman, una coach experta en body positive, después de darse cuenta de que la mayoría de personas perdían mucho tiempo haciéndose múltiples fotos y seleccionando la mejor de entre ellas. Con esa conclusión tan simple nació el reto #OneTakeBeauty, al que cada vez más mujeres se están apuntando en Instagram.

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU TOOK ONE PHOTO? Not 3. Not 5. Not 20. One. It's seriously liberating and it's an exercise you should try. I was hanging out with a friend and I wanted a new profile picture for my personal Facebook. I hadn't changed my profile pic in a year so I passed the camera and I smiled and she took one. That's it. It's that simple. And I went to upload that. We continued messing around with the camera and laughing and chatting and snapping but it wasn't some arduous process. Profile pictures used to be a source of major concern. It used to be a symbol of popularity and beauty. How many likes you got mattered, it validated your place in the social hierarchy in school. So it needed to be perfect: makeup to perfection, hair to perfection, pose to perfection. The irony is that when I asked her to take a photo, it only occurred to me after that I was makeup free after it was taken. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU TOOK A PHOTO MAKEUP FREE? Being makeup free is my norm now. I'm more often makeup free than not. I don't see myself as less beautiful without it. Its just different and I like both. It's why half my profile pictures are makeup free. Hell even half of my photos on my dating profiles are makeup free. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU POSTED SOMETHING WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE LIKES? Likes don't indicate shit. Not your beauty, not your popularity, not your worth. What and when you post should be dictated by how much YOU like the photo. Posting based on likes is the social media equivalent of caring what others think. Let's rebel against that. Join me, take one photo, right now, no matter that you look like, upload it, don't care about the likes! Tag me and hashtag #OneTakeBeauty so I can see them all ❤

LuisaM 20.04.2017
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