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13 Outfit Formulas for High-Waisted Jeans

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re very much enamored with high-waisted jeans here at Who What Wear. When it comes to denim, we firmly believe that it doesn’t get more flattering or polished than one of the many high-rise styles that every brand has made a staple in their collections. That said, knowing how to put together the perfect high-waisted jeans outfit is obviously essential. You want to pair them with pieces that are the right proportions so as to show off the flattering high waist and look as forward as possible (i.e. go for a slightly cropped top or one that you can tuck in). Adding a belt and/or jacket can often make the outfit even more flattering. Doesn't sound so hard, right?

To show you how it’s done, we selected some of our favorite high-waisted jean outfits worn by some of the world’s most stylish women. Their outfit formulas are so good that you’ll want to re-create them again and again. You'll see that there are so many ways to wear them that you'll never doubt buying a pair again.. Check out the outfit formulas below, and shop some of our current favorite high-waisted jeans at the end.

These are one of our favorite under-$100 mom jeans. Available in sizes 24 to 32.
The perfect amount of distressing, in our opinion. Available in sizes 23 to 31.
The details on these are so good. Available in sizes 14 to 24.
These are as flattering as skinny jeans. Available in sizes 24 to 32.
Nordstrom shoppers give these very high marks. Available in sizes 24 to 32.
The fashion crowd loves all things Attico. Available in sizes 0 to 4.
These will only get better with age. Available in sizes 23 to 32.
Black high-waisted skinny jeans are as flattering as it gets. Available in sizes 00 to 24.
As the name implies, these look authentically vintage. Available in sizes 23 to 32. Next, find out which boyfriend jeans fashion girls wear on repeat.

Now, find out which boot styles to wear with jeans this season.

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