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5 '90s Mom Trends 2018 Fashion Girls Can't Stop Wearing

Just a hunch but you probably didn't think your mom was very cool in the '90s. Fast-forward to 2018 and its obsession with all things having to do with that decade (sartorially speaking, especially), and it's now actually cool to dress like a '90s mom, clunky sneakers and all. There are five specific mom trends that present-day fashion girls are repeatedly putting a fresh spin on, and we've highlighted them for you. (Or you could just look at those old photo albums that your mom collects.) Check out the trends ahead.

Like it or not, high-waisted, pleated khaki pants are back with a vengeance. Make them feel fresh with the help of modern accessories. 
A short crossbody bag helps to ensure that no one will mistake you for an actual '90s mom.
Add a belt for a more flattering look.
Once a faux pas, wearing your sandals with socks is officially cool and especially helpful if you're a fan of wearing sandals year-round.
The contrast of white athletic socks looks especially cool with fancy sandals. 
Another option? Pair bold sandals with equally bold socks.
High-waisted mom jeans are undoubtedly the biggest trend to emerge from this roundup, as fashion girls continue to embrace the cool, vintage-inspired look. 
The coolest shoe style to wear mom jeans with now? Thoroughly modern pointed-toe sock boots.
You mom probably wore this exact outfit 25 years ago.
Thanks to Gucci and It girls like Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber, fanny packs are a sensation as of late, but they're now anything but touristy. 
Proof that even fanny packs can look modern.
The beauty of 2018 fanny packs is that many styles double as belts.
Dads weren't the only ones to embrace clunky sneakers back in the day (and currently, let's be honest)—'90s moms were also partial to the look. 
Balenciaga is the designer making the clunky sneakers that everyone wants.
This look is very '90s-mom-meets-Matrix.
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