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98 Truly Special Items I Have in My Shopping Cart

There are two types of online shoppers: One that knows what she wants and pulls the trigger, and one that lets perfectly good items languish in the shopping cart while plagued by indecision. I’m of the latter camp, with hundreds of items for myself and my friends saved on wish lists, sitting in online baskets, and basically doing no good for anyone…until today. I bring you my top 98 items that I’m obsessing over right now, organized by category and from most expensive (don’t worry, nothing is over $100) to least expensive. Help me out by putting my lists to good use, please scroll and shop away!

Isn't she lovely?
We're throwing a party. The theme is linen.
Take her to a garden party now! 
I'm a sucker for a polka dot. Well, more than one.
Square necklines, you know the drill.
Tell us you won't wear this 1,000 times.
Matching sets were made for lazy girls like me.
How to do a going-out dress in 2018.
The drawstring makes this dress.
We'd style it with sneakers just like the model.
We're getting Cher Horowitz vibes.
The neckline! The sleeves!
If Aimee Song is a fan...
Fashion girls and fruit just go together.
Groovy in green.
Perfectly '90s, in the best way.
Lilac for life.
Nine West, you're doing great!
Don't get mad, but actually chic people are wearing flip flops these days.
Slides all day, every day.
These have just the right amount of height.
In case you missed it, these are $35.
Naked shoes at their best.
Just in case you're sick of those romantic tops.
She's not a regular romantic top, she's a cool romantic top!
More polkas, less problems.
Can't you picture a young Cindy Crawford in this top?
Hello, new work top.
Scrunch tops, where have you been all my life?
Well, this whole set is a must.
Just wait until you see the back.
It's about as tiny as a top can get.
This is cool looking.
Hi, I love you.
Buy the top first. Book the vacation second.
That's me.
After so much millenial pink and gen-z yellow, pale mint is looking quite refreshing.
What wouldn't you wear this with?
Pink is the color of top.
We'd pair this top with baggy cargo pants.
By popular demand, more square neck.
The front is just as cute too.
This is 50% off. Don't sleep.
Who wants to invite me on their yacht?
This color is sure to catch a compliment.
Who What Wear does it best (not biased).
This top is pure joy.
I'd wear it.
For your workout and general life.
Can't argue with that.
Isn't she a beaut?
Once again, you've got to see how it ties in the back.
Kind of Zimmermann-esque, no?
One word: texture.
Lucite hoops are quite possible the earring of the summer.
Bless Isabel Marant for her affordable jewelry.
I'm quite into the unique bridge on these sunglasses.
This backpack is begging, actually screaming, to go on a picnic.
Come to mama.
Reformation just launched bags. They're hot!
Rainbow jewelry we can get behind.
Fun fact: The designer of these earrings used to work at Who What Wear.
This bag is clearly a winner. I'll see ourselves out.
Something about the dusty ruse lens...
It's an like an heirloom, except not.
This is just special.
Always call a signet ring back.
Transparent bags are everywhere. This one is particularly good.
The name says it all.
Haven't you heard? Headbands are back.
That's not a typo. These are $14.
If you also have a case of the disappearing clips.
Sensible summer work pants, sorted.
Let me tell you: The matching top is just $60.
Your boss will be impressed.
Not a bad fit.
I get down with this.
The band of polks rear their head again.
Well this fit looks fantastic.
Talitha Getty in a nutshell.
So dependable, Everlane.
This. Exact. Outfit.
Forget dad jeans. It's all about mom shorts.
This skirt is asking about your crop tops.
These pants are ready to party.
More great pants.
Giving millenial pink a second chance.
Picture it with red pants please.
Half-zips are back.
Black denim rules.
But will I look as cool as her?
Square neck does jumpsuit, too.
This is a jumpsuit we can get down with.
Is it Friday night yet?
For playing Marie Antoinette.
Vive le '90s.
I'll take her.
Is it a bra or a top? Kind of both.

You made it all the way through! Proud of you. Now get to shopping.

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