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Clutch #1669 - Teyla/TreefluteMated On: 2019-02-02# of eggs: 3Hatched On: 2019-02-07Progeny:Hatchlin...

Clutch #1669 - Teyla/Treeflute

Mated On: 2019-02-02
# of eggs: 3
Hatched On: 2019-02-07


  • Hatchling 4411 - Tundra Male, Olive Lionfish/Chartreuse Noxtide/Honeydew Peacock, Uncommon
  • Hatchling 4412 - Tundra Male, Leaf Lionfish/Green Noxtide/Thicket Peacock, Common
  • Hatchling 4413 - Tundra Male, Honeydew Lionfish/Camo Noxtide/Chartreuse Smoke, Uncommon

Comments: I have to admit I’m pretty meh overall on most of Teyla and Treeflute’s offspring so far. He’s a keep-forever so I’m thinking I may move him off to hibernal and then either sell Teyla or, since I kind of love how she looks, find an XXY or XXX of olive mate for her and breed specifically for her general look.

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12 days ago
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09.02.2019 (12 days ago)
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