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Don't insult my engagement ring!



My fiancé and I had been dating for four and a half years. In that time, we have bought a house together, adopted doggies together, I put him through pharmacy school (med school, and lots of people don’t realize that pharmacists get their doctorates, or how competitive pharmacy can be), and we fell even more in love. He’s an amazing man and I’m crazy about him.

Imagine my excitement that after braving all of the ups and downs and watching life unfold as a team, that he proposed. I was overjoyed and through tears of happiness I said yes! (And of course our doggies were involved.) It’s a larger, slightly blush pink, amethyst stone with a halo of topaz around it set in rose gold. I loved it. It was perfect.

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22.07.2018 (209 days ago)
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