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Don't think you can just sweep your sh*t under the rug and run away under a different name.


(warning: long story)

I’ve always kind of sighed at those “not sure if this is petty or pro” comments before a post, but now that I’m here myself I find myself just as confused. Oh well, I might just jump into it.

Me and some friends run a community with 60k+ members from our country in Europe, and we often allow other related businesses to advertise their sales or offers in their webshops on our page, since it’s definitely it both parties’ best interest and our fellow members really appreciate getting offers like this. Two months ago, a woman came to us telling us that her boss wanted to sell out his webshop in order to focus on a different business he had. I put in an order myself, along with my friends and a lot of other members. Certain products emtied from the website in minutes because of their good prices.

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07.06.2018 (230 days ago)
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