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The time a coworker stole my tip.


(warning: long story)

The coworker in question was a pain in the ass, but she was a decent server and she did her sidework, so what evs.

So this girl wanted to leave early one night. She had one table left and asked me to take them because they would be camping out for a while. I too had one table left that was just finishing up. So I said I’d take them if she didn’t cash them out first. I wasn’t going to stay on the clock to make zero extra dollars and clean her section. She threw an absolute fit but eventually transferred the table.

Now I don’t know why she transferred them because she stayed the whole time they were there. She walked around the whole restaurant and bar, trashing me to anyone who would listen. When it came time to cash them out she went to the table and said something to them while I was running their cards and making change. Fuckin A.

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04.06.2018 (233 days ago)
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