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for makeup newbies

hey guys so i was watching makeup tutorials and i had a thought. a lot of them are geared to people like me, who have had a lot of experience with make up. and a lot of the step by step stuff is usually not every day wear, so for trans girls, or nb people or anyone just starting to explore they can probably be over whelming so here are some starter tips for people who fall into that category.


  • you don’t need a lot of crazy products, don’t let the internet convince you to over spend especially if you are just starting out. 

my core products are 

  1. foundation (with an spf- esp if you’re pale, or wrinkly like me)
  2. eyeliner. one black a couple fun ones
  3. mascara
  4. brow stuff (but honestly you can just use brown eyeliner)


  • not even beauty gurus are doing full eye shadow blends every day
  • you can use your hands for foundation. its fine

natural make up looks don’t need to be 500 steps

  1. foundation- and any way else you treat your skin
  2. mascara
  3. brows
  4. there’s your natural make up look

things that are okay:

  • drug store brands are your friends every one uses wet and wild
  • a cheap palette of neutral eyeshadows will take you a long way
  • don’t be afraid to experiment. build your skills
  • deciding you don’t want to wear makeup -this is absolutely fine. do what makes you comfortable

to wrap up

  1. take your make up off before you go to bed
  2. let your skin breath every once and a while
  3. micellar water
  4. any one can wear makeup. my dad has worked in tv for 30 years so he wears make up as an act of professionalism and i learned some of my tricks from him

how well you “pass” does not determine your value as a person or the validity of your identity 

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Mdlrue 21.04.2017
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