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Mdlrue 2 hours ago
内側から上気したようなカラーと、洗練されたハーフマットなツヤ感を与える「オペラ」の『リップティント』から、透けるように色づくビビッドカラーに、無数にきらめくラメの粒がはいった、新感覚の“透けるラメ色ティント”が数量限定発売! “ティントオイルルージュ”は、彩度の高いルージュの発色とティントをMIXさせているから、唇そのものが色づくような血色感が叶います。そこに、独自処方のサラサラオイルをプラスすることで、濃く感じさせない透ける質感と、ほんのりしたツヤ感、なめらかな塗り心地を実現し、透けるキレイ色を落ちずに持
MikaLynn 15 hours ago
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YasminBrasil 16 hours ago
See images from one notable show every weekday. Read More The post ‘A pointed finger draws the line’ organized by Good Weather, at Interface, Oakland, California appeared first on ARTnews. Read more here
leryl 20 hours ago
prorevenge: warning: long story. I joined the Navy when I was 18, ended up as a Corpsman in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, when I returned, found out that I was going to have to take classes to even become an EMT. F*ck that, right? So I did the next best thing
DezM Yesterday
momosexuality: petty-revenge-stories: I live in a very nice condominium complex in a pretty decently sized city in the South. I managed to buy a unit at the ripe age of 23, after making a pretty penny in the stock market - making me easily the youngest pe
DezM Yesterday