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petty-revenge-stories: warning: long story. So I’ve got a roommate problem. Let’s call him Slippery Pete. I share a 978 sq ft loft with Pete and one other guy (Dave) in Downtown Los Angeles (rent sucks here, you guys). That is there are no walls. What we h
DezM 3 days ago
prorevenge: PART I So one day I am shopping at my usual supermarket. As I so often do I have my headphones in: So I don’t hear what’s going on round me. I primarily rely on my eyes to notice what is happening. Anyway there I was, all paid and putting my gr
DezM 8 days ago
prorevenge: warning: very long story. The year was 2008 and I was 9 years into operating a landscape company. I had done moderately well for myself being able to purchase a home, pay off student loans and start a family. I employed 4 people during the what
DezM 10 days ago