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11 Best Hair Sprays That Aren’t Hairsprays

When we say hair spray, your mind immediately goes to aerosol cans and stiff strands. But there are more sprays for your mane than the hold-everything product. From treatments for thinning hair to curl boosters to frizz tamers, better hair is just a spray away. There’s even a spray-on dry oil that can be used on your hair and body.

These handy-dandy spray formulas make application a breeze. In most cases, all you have to do is spray them on damp hair and comb through for instantly improved locks. And several hair sprays are real multitaskers, tackling flyaways, tangles, heat damage and the list goes on.

Ready to add some hair sprays to your hair care arsenal? Here are 11 top performers that deserve coveted spots on your vanity.

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