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4 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Want Lit-From-Within Skin

Images: Imaxtree

The secret to glowing skin is so much more than a killer highlighter routine or the right products. Your skin can end up looking dull if your skin care regimen is missing a few steps. We often try to substitute natural glow with makeup, but healthy skin will always outshine a faux glow.

You don’t have to start with extensive and time-consuming beauty rituals or pricey serums. We’re talking the very basic skin care and makeup tricks you might be getting wrong, which in turn is affecting your skin. You may feel like you are working hard on your skin, but everyone needs a skin check-in every now and then.

For instance, are you always piling too many products on your skin? Do you try to cover up your pores instead of dealing with the gunk inside of them? Does your makeup removal routine involve only a towel and water? Here are the four questions you need to ask yourself in order to get that lit-from-within glow.

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23.11.2018 (183 days ago)
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