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Dear photograph, taylor james

Dear photograph is a web-based project by taylor james, calling for people to ‘take a picture of a picture from the past, in the present’ by recapturing the sites of old photographs.

Readers are invited to submit their own ‘dear photographs’ by email

'dear photograph, grandma loved this beach.' by dan perry

'dear photograph, I wish I could still have a lemonade stand business.' by @xandyevans

'dear photograph, any idea where them dinosaur shorts are at?' by @onemethoddotcom

'dear photograph, chinatown use to be livelier.' by @applesundae

'dear photograph, i wonder which parent let us up there?' by @bedaub

'dear photograph, I’ll always remember the summers in that truck.'

'dear photograph, that’s love.' by @mithical

'dear photograph, dad never took a picture of me, ever. then I noticed his reflection in the glass. happy father’s day, dad.'
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24.07.2011 (3230 days ago)
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