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It’s Time to Get Back to Basics With an Elemental Skin Care Routine

Unlike most skin care trends, elemental skin care is pretty straightforward. More and more specialists have been pushing skin care regimens that rely on basic elements like clay, charcoal and algae since they’re not rejected by our bodies unlike artificial ingredients.

Elemental skin care focuses on natural substances derived from the elements, namely fire, water, earth and air. Not only are these core ingredients natural antioxidants, they’re pretty adaptable. An elemental skin care routine can produce surprising results and is perfect if you’re already on board the clean beauty bandwagon.

But elemental skin care is hardly new. We’ve all been practicing it in some form or another since plant-, earth- and sea-based ingredients are frequent nontoxic go-tos for those brands in the organic beauty space. Plus, most of us use some form of clay or seaweed in our weekly masking sessions.

Going elemental is elementary. Here are some products to get you started.

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13.08.2019 (119 days ago)
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