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Lately I’ve been having some struggles with scheduling my flight and I find myself hearing a l...

Lately I’ve been having some struggles with scheduling my flight and I find myself hearing a lot of people essentially telling me to just give up on my adventures and that “this is just how life is, get used to it”. So now I have been thinking, what is adventure to me? It has become obvious to me that the importance and meaning of adventure is very different to others compared to my own meaning.I would like to take this moment to share with you how my adventures feel to me and why I choose to travel as much as I possibly can.

           I make all of my decisions based on death. What does that mean? It means that before every decision I make, I always ask myself, “When I’m dying, will I be happy that I did this?”. Perhaps that’s a very strange way to make my choices. I’m certainly not an old person at all, but someone once told me something that opened my eyes. They said “What if one day you couldn’t walk, or you couldn’t move at all, or couldn’t do anything for yourself and it stopped you from going on adventures? That’s why we have to live every moment to the fullest, we never know whats going to happen to us.”. They were right. Anything can happen to us humans at any moment, including death. Since death is so inevitable, I have decided to see the world since God gave it to us to live on and enjoy, so I believe I should spend the life given to me to see as much of it as I can.

        Now onto a more spiritual subject. To me, I belong to the world and the world belongs to me. Maybe this sounds strange, but humans are part of nature after all and I think that its healthy for us to embrace that and keep ourselves connected to the world since our lives have grown so advanced with technology. It’s very important to me to take in everything that’s around me when I go somewhere new. Smell the air, listen to the language, the accents, the sounds of the town/city being alive, or even the sound of a vacant, rural area. Look at the scenery for a good while and remind yourself “I want to remember this”. these things help me enjoy my time better and helps me remember my adventures a lot better for when I go home. It will help build your memories and have something happy to think about when you find yourself missing a certain place when you go home. I find that its so very important to me to take in the nature around me so I can remember. Also, take home something from nature when you go somewhere. Maybe a cool rock, a bottle of sand, or seashells. Items such as those are free and I always see it as taking a little piece of that place home with me. 

        I cannot stress this enough for so many people I have traveled with or people who came back to tell their own stories that just didn’t seem right. THROW YOURSELF INTO THE CULTURE! I have seen so many people who did not learn ANYTHING on their adventures because they simply didn’t care about the culture. Traveling is not for the Instagram photos or bragging rights, its for enjoyment and learning. Participate in the different things that different peoples do. Try new food, participate in a religious ceremony or ritual, visit historical sites, celebrate a holiday if they happen to have one when you visit. Try to live exactly the way they do on a daily basis. Don’t live like you normally would at home. Throw yourself into their everyday lives and become one of them.

     To me, traveling means a big learning opportunity. It’s an escape, it’s freedom. I can be free and be myself when I go somewhere. My Adventures are exciting and the best moments of my life and I would never give up these opportunities. I’m alive when I’m in a place that’s unknown to me.

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