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The 5 Beauty Products You Should Never Share

Images: Imaxtree

Women who offer a swipe of lip gloss in bar and restaurant bathrooms are the reason why we have faith in humanity. But as much as those last-minute, borrowed gloss and mascara touch-ups have helped us in the past, we all should reconsider sharing certain makeup.

Bacteria travels easily with wet or gel-based formulas and even some mineral-based products, and sharing products can spread disease and skin conditions. Your best bet if you absolutely must share makeup? Alcohol-based wipes or a spray sanitizer can de-germ some products in a pinch. Pump dispensers are also your friend if you’re generous with your beauty products (or have a roommate or family member who helps themselves). But there are a few products that should never, ever be shared. Here, the products you can safely claim all for yourself.

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