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This $80 Glossier Starter Kit Will Completely Make Over Your Beauty Routine

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Glossier any more, the brand released a new beauty set, which is basically a highlight reel of its best-selling products. The Makeup Set, as it is being called, consists of Boy Brow, the popular brow grooming gel; Cloud Paint, the cream color for cheeks; and Lash Slick, the everyday mascara.

The best part? You save $10 if you opt for the $40 set compared to buying the products individually. The set aims to give you that covetable, polished-yet-fresh glow that you can wear alone or build on top of with other products. “The look is fresh-faced and simple to apply — so you’re ready for the day, or for whatever other makeup you choose next,” the website description reads.  “Groom brows, lengthen lashes, and dab on a healthy flush, all with products that fit in the palm of your hand and don’t overcomplicate your routine.” Plus, Glossier offers a similarly priced skin care set – so you can completely make over your beauty routine.

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27.01.2019 (205 days ago)
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