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To the People I Insta-Stalk, Thank You for These Easy Outfit Formulas

My private Instagram habits involve loads of clothes and… carbs. Let me explain: If you did a quick scroll through my saved folder on the app, you'd be hit with a mix of imagery that’d be confusing to decipher. Does she want to be in real estate? Sell furniture or very expensive clothes? Have a bakery? Since you’re here and not in the deep depths of my account, I’ll make it clear: I love anything beauty related, have an obsession with interior design, am totally down with baking to keep my sweet tooth happy, and have a really bad shopping habit that's influenced by the people I follow. Yup, I'm just going to put all the blame on them because what else am I supposed to do? I'm constantly exposed to sartorial greatness that would behoove me to take advantage of, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

These 15 style stars have served up some major (but easy) summer outfits that, yes, I immediately saved and, yes, plan to re-create. If you are in need of some inspiration, I suggest you take a scroll and do the same.

The most summery of summer dresses that can't be ignored, especially when paired with sneakers.

When we actually have weekend plans again, I promise this will be your uniform.

This ultra-cool styling is just destined for chilling at home.

A flowy silk skirt with a button-down layered over is basically just fancy loungewear—you know, for when you want to actually wear something other than PJs.

A matching two-piece tie-dye set is making it really hard for me to get over the print of the season. 

Pictures like this make me want to buy all the sweats in the world. Have they ever looked so chic? Nope, they haven't.

What can I say? I love a weekend-errands look, even when I have very few errands to do at the moment.

Match made in heaven: White jeans with an off-the-shoulder moment.

If I had to pick one look to describe the time we're living in, it'd 100% be this one: business up top, straight chilling on the bottom. 

Matching your hat with your dress deserves to be more of a thing.

I'm a sucker for a white-on-white look—sue me.

Cue the perfect vacation outfit that requires zero traveling.

Bold pants and accessories are my soon-to-be new jam.

I don't play tennis, but this outfit sure has me in the spirit.

Proof that baggy jeans and a sweatshirt can look ridiculously chic.

Next up, I'm out of closet space but will make room for these 36 cheap Amazon pieces.

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