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We Bet You Won't Recognize These 10 Celebrities in the '90s

Not to call you out or anything, but unless you've been living under a rock, you're well aware that the '90s have come back with quite the bang this year. Beyond the resurgence of '90s fashion and everything that goes with it, extreme nostalgia for the celebrities that thrived during that time is back as well. The aesthetic back then was a very specific one, and if you ask the founder of our new favorite Instagram account, they'd 100% agree. Meet @90sanxiety—the poppin' Instagram account our editors are currently crushing over.

Follow this account for chic throwback imagery of everyone's favorite '90s movies and TV shows, never-before-seen fashion moments, and of course, pictures of celebrities from the '90s that will have you *shook.* While scrolling through @90sanxiety (something I do on a daily basis), I came across so many old photos of celebrities from the beloved decade that had me doing triple takes. Okay, so maybe they aren't completely unrecognizable, but the following images definitely had me second-guessing who was who and left me flabbergasted at how different some of today's entertainment icons looked back in the day.

Here to share a little bit about @90sanxiety is the founder of the account (who wishes to remain anonymous). Now sit back and relax as you get the inside scoop on one of the best '90s Instagram accounts out there while scrolling through throwback celebrity gold.

What originally inspired you to create this account?

The account was created out of my love for fashion. Looking for a new creative outlet and an endless pursuit of stuff I think is cool. I took inspiration from accounts that came before mine like @90ssupermodelsdaily (inactive sadly), @90scigarettes, and @90smilk. I wanted to create more of a reference point to that specific time period, a balance of curating an aesthetic and documenting the pop culture of a historical decade. I was too young to fully experience the '90s but close enough that I feel connected to that time.

When the account originally gained momentum, I was like, okay now this is real. I tend to be obsessive with things I am interested in and, at times, even get anxious about posting, so that's where the name comes from. Also, you'll notice that my account never has content outside of the 1990s—another reason it's entirely anonymous. My personal life definitely influences what I post, but it's not connected in any way.

The account is extremely successful—what's your secret?

I think the account's success was definitely hinged on timing. The content had just started gaining popularity, and I had a different take. I desperately try to show everyone unseen or uncommon images or at the very least, different angles/originals of models and celebrities who were major influencers during that time period and for the most part still are. I think that is what attracts people. Also, I owe a lot to the celebrities/influencers who followed and supported early on that really helped with exposure; thank you Kim K., Cara D., Bella H., Cindy C., Emily R., and to @virgomood for forever keeping me inspired!

What's your take on all the '90s hype that's going on right now?

Although fashion trends have a tendency to be cyclical, the 1990s hits that perfect sweet spot right now across so many demographics—adults or younger adults who lived during that time period and even a nostalgic younger generation with access to more information about the '90s than ever before. Who doesn't get a little nineties anxiety?

Next up, all of the '90s fashion trends that have (and haven't) made a comeback.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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