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vacilandoelmundo:When today capturing your surroundings can (key...


When today capturing your surroundings can (key word: can) be as easy and instant as pressing a button on your phone, you have to appreciate the slightly more labor-intensive process behind Teresa Lim’s Sew Wanderlust.

Lim describes the inspiration for the embroidery project to Culturepush

I started the project late 2014 after I realised that with today’s state of the art technology, taking pictures becomes so easy. I wanted something more from my travels, to be able to take back a part of that place with me. One thing I realised is that when you take a photo of a place, you don’t actually pick up as much detail as when you actually sit down and draw or sew it. When I’m done with a piece, I actually feel like I KNOW that place, and that gives me a huge sense of satisfaction that I think just taking a photo wouldn’t give.
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