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The tale of the Entitled Princess, the Vengeful Wage Slave, and the Fake I.D.


(Longish but worth it in abundance)

So I work at a frozen yogurt store, one of those self-serve places where you make your own and weigh it. It’s an easy job and aside from some occasional bullshit from upper management, it’s also generally pleasant. I also happen to live in a fairly wealthy area, and the vast majority of my customers are very wealthy folks, and while 99% of them are awesome, wonderful people, there are always bad apples.

Slightly rude or short with me is one thing, but once in a while we get a customer in who is well and truly an entitled monster, and on those occasions I wish for nothing more than the power to set people on fire with only my furious gaze. This young lady was one of those people.

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15.07.2018 (314 days ago)
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