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urbandecay:Friday Night Fix: Lipstick Stained Cheeks You’re at a...


Friday Night Fix: Lipstick Stained Cheeks 

You’re at a bar.  It’s getting late and you spot a cute guy who just walked in.  A quick run to the bathroom to freshen up and all you have is a powder compact and lipstick.

That’s where we come in.

Kaela at our UD Flagship shows us how to apply the same lipstick to your cheeks and lips for a perfect pout and sexy, flushed complexion.  Apply Revolution Lipstick in Streak to your thumb and lightly press onto the apples of your cheeks.  With little pressure, lightly smooth out the lipstick with your fingers.

Now go find tonight’s eye candy for a drink before the bar closes!

Because it’s almost Friday and we need some beauty inspo!

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06.02.2015 (1626 days ago)
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