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Here you can have free account to post and share your blog, images, videos, to sell items.
What is DEJAVU INTL`s mission?
Our mission is to provide members with a positive and safe environment to sharecontents with others
Will DEJAVU INTL always be free?
You can register for free access and services at your disposal.
However, some of members contents and Items are for sale.
Also you will be asked for commision fee for your sell.
How do I start and get involved?
The best way to feel DEJAVU INTL, is toupload image.
All your post will appear on your profile page, friends' page and top page so others have more chances to recognize your activities. Also, others can choose to display as flip page magazine or thread.
let`s upload more of your images. You will find that your magazine is now your original lookbook!
If you apply PERSONAL ONLINE STORE, your items are now display as a catalog!
How do I add blog post, images or videos?
You need to be logged firt.

IMAGE : You need to create or choose album. /m/photos/albums/my/main/. Open album and click "Add". You can upload image(s) from your desktop or embed image url.
VIDEO : You need to create or choose album. /m/videos/albums/my/main. Open album and click "Add". You only canembed video url. Copy youtube, vimeo and other available url and paste to post page.
ex. ( long link )
How do I customize my profile page?
Profile page is your social home page and you can customize the appearance by Customizing background image, fonts and borders
Customize the layout of each content box. Customizing content box as shown or hidden.
And you can embed other website services such as facebook like box, amazon affiriate box and so on.

DESIGN : You can customize;
BackgroundFull Page, Page Header, Page Content, Personal Menu, Left Columns Box Content, Right Columns Box Content, Box Full, Box Header, Box Content, Form, Feed Content, Magazine Cover Image, Magazine Title, Magazine box background
Position ( Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Center Left, Center, Center Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Bottom Right )
FontsSite Menu, Page Header Text, Header Subtitle, Personal Menu, Personal Menu (active), Actio Button, Content Link, Content Text, Info Values, Info Caption, Box Header, Active button on the top menu, Not active button on the top menu, Magazine Title, Profile action button, Magazine Subtitle
Size ( 8px ~ 130px )
Name ( Playfair Display, Raleway, Crafty Girls, Josefin Sans, UnifrakturMaguntia, Nothing You Could Do, Arial, Comis Sans, Courier New, Georgia, Tahoma, Times Roman, Trebuchet, Verdana)
Style ( Normal, Bold, Italic )
BordersForm border, Box, Box Header, Box Content, Comment
Size ( None, 1px ~ 10px )
Style ( Dotted, Dashed, Solid, Double, Groove, Ridge, Inset, Outset )
Position ( Full, Top, Right, Bottom, Left, Left right, Top bottom, Top right, Right bottom, Bottom left Left top )

ADD BOX : You can embed html script, rss and text. Click "Design" Link on your profile page.
TEXT BOXAny message.
RSS BOXYou can display your favorite bloggers or content`s news Rss feed.

How do I open my store?
Visit personal store guide here for details.

Standard memberPersonal Store
Blogs and all functions are free to use.You can open and run your personal Store with no subscription fee.

Lean more
Online Store for merchant and professional buyers.

Lean more

Advanced services for owners.
To gain access to community services need to register?
Yes, you must be a registered. Remember, after registering you must activate your account through the email confirmation. If it had not been delivered to the address you specified during registration most likely the email address you specify does not exist. Please, if so, to verify its validity. If you specify the address was correct and yet you had not received the confirmation email to activate your account, then please contact us and we will examine the specific case to outline the problem and help you take an active part in our community .