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My ten best seconds to date occurred just a few months ago. I...

My ten best seconds to date occurred just a few months ago. I was in my room, getting ready for the day. At this point I had been interviewing for a new job to help forward my career. I got a call from a 917 number and knew it was something regarding said job. It was Viacom, one of the largest media parent companies hosting channels such as CMT, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon and many more. The woman on the phone said “Hi John, I wanted to say congrats… we are offering you a spot on the MTV/VH1 consumer marketing team!” Those ten seconds were what would catapult me into my career, I knew this would be the start of something amazing. I was overwhelmed with excitement and pride in my achievement, I called everyone I knew to tell them the good news. I have been at MTV/VH1 at their corporate headquarters for a few months now and I could not be happier. Being able to work with such a prestigious team for an iconic and respected company is a dream come true. Although it may take hours, days, months… even years to achieve your goals, that ten seconds was worth all the hard work and dedication.

Tell me about your best 10 seconds in the comments.

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