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Miley Cyrus said her dog chewed through some electric wires, but has recovered from the ordeal. Read more here
3 days ago
Juntos, foram responsáveis por emplacar o sucesso "Beat It", do disco Thriller — que inicialmente, contaria com outro famoso guitarrista Read more here
4 days ago
Camila Cabello left in 2016 and the quartet continued as a four-piece. Read more here
6 days ago
Maynard James Keenan has shared the long term effects he suffers from COVID-19. Read more here
10 days ago
Democracy, in its current form, could use some help. Big changes begin with big rallying cries, and so democracy finally has Read more here
13 days ago
Sharon Osbourne noted that Ozzy Osbourne's sex drive has decreased over time, but the couple still enjoy a lot of intimacy. Read more here