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Returns, Refunds and Cancellations

It is participants'responsibilities for any Store owner and Buyers who participate in DEJAVU-INTL.COM and use the Services (hereinafter "Participants) that they complete transactions, deliveries, payments and get paid for sales.
DEJAVU-INTL.COM has no authority for Participants for any purpose and is not involved in the actual transaction between Store owner and Buyers.Store owner and Buyers are responsible to negotiate and complete transactions as well as to arrange deliveries.In the event any dispute arises between Participants,
DEJAVU-INTL.COM will support both Buyers and Stores to solve issues.If something would have gone wrong, we do our best to support both Buyers and Stores to place every thing back to where all was.

When Store owner provide with their own Return, Refund and Cancellation Policies for sales at the Site, DEJAVU-INTL.COM will not take responsibilities for any and all transactions between Participants.DEJAVU-INTL.COM will has a right monitor content of Return, Refund and Cancellation Policies and instruct Participants if any changes or corrections to the policies may be necessary.Participants are obligated to promptly comply with such instructions.

Returns, Refunds and Cancellations are prohibited as a rule.
Learn fully about the item, read carefully the item description if available in prior to your decision of purchase.You will protect yourself in making good purchase by avoiding buying the item impulse.

Inventory Management
Store owner should have sufficient quantities in stock when it is planned to list items for sale at the Site.
When an item become out of stock, you have to remove the item from sale and cancel the order at "Order Control Page"The order is not completed when cancelled.There is no need, therefore, to issue a refund for the buyer in relation with this cancellation.

Where an ordered Item is not delivered to the Buyer
In order to prevent from any possible troubles incurred between a Seller and a Buyer, it is advisable to choose a parcel delivery service company (e.g. Yamato Transport Co., EMS Postal Service) capable of tracking the order.It is also recommended for the buyer to inform the delivery service company when you are not at home at the time of delivery.
It is easier to avoid troubles by specifying the postage for shipping and returning the order in cases as the recipient is not at home at the time of delivery.

Where the Buyer is not at home when the order is delivered
If the Item is returned to the Buyer because of the recipient being not at home or any other reasons, contact the buyer to rearrange a new delivery date.When necessary postage incurred for this purpose will be decided upon discussion between the Seller and the Buyer.
When the Item does not arrive by the estimated time, ask the Buyer to wait a few more days. Usually the Item arrives on or shortly after the estimated delivery date.
When it is confirmed by tracking the Item with a delivery confirmation number that the Item may have been gotten lost in the course of delivery, this will be a matter to be handled by a delivery service company. All the Buyer has to in this regards is just to wait while the delivery service company is working to track the Item.Therefore, it is recommended for the Seller to show a good faith by refunding the order to the Buyer. The Seller contact directly the delivery service company to discuss the compensation for loss.

It is prohibited to return ordered items due to your personal reasons such that the size does not fit, or you want to change the color.You should make a full study on what to buy prior to your decision so that the Item received is hopefully to the full satisfaction.

Situations where Refunds, Returns & Cancellations are accepted
In cases where the Seller has not shipped the order yet and where he accepts the cancellation when the Buyer directly contacted to request the cancellation.
In cases where the Seller is not responsible for the return, the Buyer should bear the costs for sending the order from the Seller to the Buyer as well as for returning the order to the Seller.
In cases where the Item the Buyer received is not exact as described in the list and where the Item condition is obviously inferior to what is described.

In cases where the Item received is defective, damaged, inferior condition, the Buyer contacts the Seller directly to discuss for mutually agreeable solution. DEJAVU-INTL.COM does not permit to change the deliver address after the order is placed and be sure to deliver the order to the address specified at the "Order Management Page.

If it is found prior to shipment that the address is obviously in valid, inform the Seller to cancel the order and ask the Buyer to place a new order with a valid.

Fraudulent Participants
DEJAVU-INTL.COM has the right to monitor any conduct of Participants. When we deem the conduct as fraudulent, we may report the fraudulent conduct to a district police station and will cooperate in prosecuting. DEJAVU-INTL.COM may close such participant`s account without previous notice.