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Confirming Dispatch
Shipping advise 1

Place Order

When customer has placed the online order...
Shipping advise 2

Order detail confirmation and shipping preparation

Customer, vendor ( you ) and site admin recieve the order notification email.




Dispatch in 7 days.

Follow "Guidelines for packing and packaging"and prepare dispatching.

If you can`t dispatch in 7 days, tell customer about your situation and scope immediately. Also write it down in item`s or profile description area in advance to avoid misunderstanding.
the seller ships the items to the buyer as instructed in "How to ship the order.

Confirm the address on Sales History page.

You can view address on popup window anytime on Sales History page.
To view address, go to Sales History page and find and click the country code link under the "shipping" column.


To Confirm Orders and Shipping status

You can also view more detail on same page Sales History page by
clicking the order number link under the "order ID" column.


※ Make sure you correct "Tracking Code" from shipping company.
※ We recommend EMS for oversea shipping.
※Lost property without tracking code is vendor`s fully responsible。
※If you offer "Collect on Delivery" payment, make sure you follow and understand its requirement.
※We recommend you to use credit checkout only for oversea.

Dispatch notification

Notify the buyer of the shipment at "Sales History page"once you have dispatched the order.
Enter information as Shipping comapny and tracking code and select the menu name "Dispatched", then press "Update".


Once you change and update shipping status, customer of its order will recieve a "dispatched notification".


Shipping advise 4

Make your review and earn points

When the buyer receives the order, make sure that the right Item have been delivered and leave the buyer`s feedback about the Item and performance as a seller.

Shipping advise 5

Closing bid

Unless there is no particular trouble and no any remedy necessary in dealing, it comes to conclude the transaction. The vendor will get paid by a specified date in accordance with DejaVu-INTL.COM Shopping Mall Regulations. Buyer will get points.
If there is problem, contact vendor/buyer directly immediately.

Benefits of DejaVu Payment
  • Inquiries are decreased when detailed status are made available for buyers to view information about the order.
    Shipping management and procedures are very important factors for buyers to evaluate the seller`s performance.DejaVu-INTL.COM will provide up-to-the minutes information about the orders by Email and post this information in the seller`s account as well as buyer`s account.

  • Information transparency and up-to-the minutes of views of all orders will lead higher buyer`s satisfaction.
    When a shipment is confirmed, the shipping notification will be provided to a buyer together with the shipping number and EMS number. The buyer will get ready to receive the order with this information on the shipping status.In addition to that listing items are goo , the buyer feedback rewards and recognizes the seller who will ship quickly to deliver the order with sincerity.

  • If it is found out after the order placement that an item is unavailable, you can cancel the order.
    The payment for the Item has not been asked there is no need to refund the order.

  • Easy confirmation about the order status, "To be shipped or Already shipped" by referring shipping schedule.
    If the order has not been shipped out in seven days after the order placement, DejaVu-INTL.COM will give a warning about the shipment.

  • It is possible for a buyer to cancel an order while the order is pending and no to be confirmed.