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Store Start Guide

Step 1Transmit "My Store Application Form"

Our website Members who meet with the sale regulations /rules and go through our examination for your eligibility can build My Store in DEJAVU-INTL.COM.
You can build My Store in two (2) through sixty(60) days depending on necessary procedural work days.
[Check] first if your planned items are not prohibited prior to posting.

For Personal Online Store use or pro shops are requred totransmit your My Store Application form "My Store Application Form" below.

Online access

Upon receiving the "My Store Application Form" we will provide you with necessary documents required for the evaluation of your planned Store.

Step 2" Documents Necessary for Application"

In order to keep the quality and reliability of Stores, members and customers, all applications are subject to the evaluation of your eligibility to participate in My Store.

Necessary documents for everybody:
  • Email address ( PAYPAL ACCOUNT ) or
  • Bank account where you wish to receive money
  • *For private enterprise owners to use Personal Online Store
    You are only allow to sell personal belongs.

    Necessary documents for corporate members
  • A certified copy of corporate registration
  • Documents to be submit when necessary ( see details below )

  • Provide with your Item lists with photos prepared according to the following procedure when any catalogs or URL are not available.

    CategoryItem NameDescriptionPrice(taxed)
    CosmeticsLancome MascaraAmplicils Waterproof$39.00
    BagAmerican Apparel BagMetallic pink with lame$69.00
    ShoesDesign HeelRed crocodile skin with white polka dot (Size 25cm)$310.00
    ※Items in different colors and sizes are considered as 1item.
    ※Categorize all items
    ※Download the template file from [ here ]

    Documents to be submit when necessary

    □ Agreement form on sale and statement of Nutrition Foods, Medicare, Cosmetics.
    To help ensure a safe and easy buying and selling, we provide with general guidelines to Sale Standards and Description Methods for your review. Please be aware that some Items may be restricted or prohibited.

    □ Agreement form on sale of celebrity goods

    To help ensure a safe buying and selling, we will evaluate such Stores as planned to handle with celebrity goods.Please be aware that some celebrity goods are may be restricted or prohibited.
    However, to sell your personal items, such as used, second hand, unused item and gifted item are not necessary.

    □ Copies of License / Permit with regards to sales

    1. Import goods in general by private practice (Goods imported by Private import agent)
    2. Medical & pharmaceutical Items,medical supplies, cosmetics,health foods  
    3. A contact lens ( A license is required)
    4. Celebrity Goods  
    5. Wine and other alcoholic beverages(A license is required)
    6. Foods 
    7.Fortunetelling related Items (e.g. stones)

    Please mail to:

    Documents may be asked to submit in addition to above if necessary.
    We may decline your application based on our evaluation.A reason(s) for the declination and the evaluation standards may not made available to you.
    Any and all documents submitted for this purpose will not be returned for any reasons.
    You may be requested to have an interview only when necessary.
    Expenses incurred due to your application for My Store are at your burden regardless of the evaluation result.
    Step 3 "Payment Methods and Settings"
    DEJAVU-INTL.COM will notify you by Email once your payment system is activated.
    Then you can start selling your goods.

    DejaVu Payment

    "Settlement by Dejavu."
    DEJAVU-INTL.COM accepts an escrow method and arranges the payment between buyers and Store owner.
    DEJAVU-INTL.COM accepts PayPal, or other credit cards.

    □ Get paid by DEJAVU-Intl.COM(Recommended method to quick Store starter and private starter) adopts an escrow method and arranges the payment to ensure safe transaction between Store owner and buyers.It is benefitial for those who are not merchants of any credit card companies to settle the payment with this escrow method.
    DEJAVU-INTL.COM insures that the transaction closes properly to protect Store owner and buyers by arranging the escrow.

    DEJAVU-INTL.COMreceives the payment from buyers. DejaVu
    DEJAVU-INTL.COM wire the payment to Store owner upon confirming the transaction close properly. DejaVu
    Store owner

    Login and get started by a click "DejaVu Registration" at [ here ].
    For more detailed setting methods, refer to [ Payment Methods ]