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We all know we need to use plenty of sunscreen year-round. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, we still manage to get sunburns on our faces. And when that happens, you need to (temporarily) switch up your skin care routine. You can rotate in some afte
2 hours ago
We love foundation and moisturizer as much as the next girl. What we don’t love? When our foundation gets cakey and our moisturizer makes us greasy. The troublesome combo should work together, not against — and how many times have you found your foundatio
Summer can be tricky if you’re new to clean beauty, especially when it comes to deodorant. Plant-based formulas don’t include harsh chemicals like aluminum, but they still manage to keep you smelling good for hours. The trick to choosing the right natural
2 days ago
Do you find yourself struggling to apply makeup? There’s a stamp for that. Even better than stencils, stamp-on makeup products apply shape and color exactly where we want it. All we need to do is aim and press. It’s as close to foolproof as we can get. Ju
5 days ago
CBD is having a major moment right now. From oils to serums, the nonpsychoactive substance is popping up everywhere in the beauty realm and for good reason. It fights free radicals, moisturizes and won’t irritate sensitive skin. So we’re not surprised tha
6 days ago
Give us a hair accessory and we’ll be happy. From flashy barrettes to outsize headbands, we’ve embraced all ways of decorating our hair. But there’s one hair accessory we still need to master: scrunchies. Scrunchies have been making their way back into ou
7 days ago
  View this post on Instagram   When I was young, I never felt beautiful. And as I struggled to find a sense of both inner and outer beauty, I discovered the power of makeup. I remember watching my mother put her makeup on eve
7 days ago
Back in February 2018, Alexander Wang sent logo-clad, chrome silver claw clips down his Fall 2018 runway. Since all things throwback (one-shoulder tops, anklets, etc.) are trending, we weren’t surprised to see the 90s accessory. It may have taken a little
8 days ago
Clay masks are huge hits on the chemical-free beauty circuit. That’s because clay is one of nature’s most effective exfoliators. It draws out deep-seated impurities and combats excess oil to balance your skin’s pH. But not every clay mask is meant for eve
9 days ago


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