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Images: Imaxtree Pastels are synonymous with spring. The soft shades show up in gardens, on Easter eggs and in our wardrobes, providing a welcome change from the dark, somber tones of the colder months. But don’t stop there: pastels are also a big makeup
5 days ago
As much as we adore beach waves and voluminous, bombshell curls, sometimes we’re in the mood to go sleek. The timeless elegance of shiny, perfectly straight hair somehow makes us feel instantly powerful and put-together. Taming our not-naturally-straight
7 days ago
We all know we should be washing our hands several times a day. And that we should be doing so even when there isn’t a pandemic. But all that handwashing can be brutal on your skin. That’s where moisturizing hand soaps come in handy. What do the best mois
14 days ago
The smell of spring is literally in the air — a fresh crop of gorgeous scents are ready for the picking. Even if you already have a signature fragrance, our enticing edit of new launches may inspire you to mix it up. Here, 10 brand new spring perfumes for
Images: Imaxtree No matter how much Irish DNA you have, Saint Patrick’s Day is the holiday of luck, gold and late night celebrations at the pub. It’s also a time to get creative with a themed beauty look. Rather than go for shamrock face paint this year,


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