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Osaka hair and eyelash spot LAND continues the trend of beauty and wellness spaces which also function to accommodate events... Read more here
3 days ago
Located in Maastricht, The Bonnefanten Museum is housed in a world-renown monumental building designed by Aldo Rossi. Hollandse Nieuwe was... Read more here
10 days ago
During the firsts briefing with the clients, I wrote down a phrase that I found myself underlining several times when... Read more here
Attracting foot traffic isn’t the point of the multi-brand retailer’s physical post – Little H uses the Daylab ‘office store’... Read more here
Mr Ming, one of the Hong Kong supermall’s newest hospitality openings, is imagined as the eclectic, cinematic home of a... Read more here
In 2019, the Daylab once again accepted the invitation of LILY to take the lead in upgrading its flagship store,... Read more here
An Italian ice cream shop located in the streets of Fuzhong in Tainan, Taiwan. After test taste of the Pistachio... Read more here
This store marks Lacquer Embassy’s first venture into mainstream commercial stores. As the client manufactures high end, niche, products, it... Read more here
“gallica minami aoyama”, a hair salon, is placed in an area with high-end shops in Tokyo. In such a place,... Read more here
The Letná location of Banh Mi Makers presents a spacious, solid, colourful, and light design by studiominio.
Read more here
‘Nexus8’ by Magicarch office is a traumatology and physiotherapy clinic in spain designed with chromatic interiors that vary depending on... Read more here
By using brass and cast iron to represent the gold and black pattern, we also achieved a solidness to the... Read more here
The project provides a solution for two adjacent commercial spaces, separate but sharing access, foyer and services. Buna is a... Read more here
Presenting a specialized, form-fitting and memorable display space for Nork Lighting is no easy task, given its diverse collections in... Read more here
The brand new project of the reception area fo ANIYEBY Headquarters is based on the new Company mood based on... Read more here
In China‘s boom economy of the past few decades, showing one’s affluence and stature has become a norm of sorts,... Read more here
We designed the space by imagining the image of ‘Attic’ with the idea that the Samseong store could be the... Read more here
Huuun signs this new commercial interior design project based on branding and visual brand development, conceptualized by Brandsummit studio. The... Read more here
JAAF office has been relocated to JAPAN SPORT OLYMPIC SQUARE, an administrative center for the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.... Read more here
Hejidesign, an interior design agency based out of Shenzhen, designed the retail space, transforming the space into the physical embodiment... Read more here
eureka office was designed on the concept of unity for a fast growing social application provider. As the employee count... Read more here
Silver icing is an e-commerce fashion company in the women’s wear and accessories market that specializes in social selling through... Read more here
Noblepets wishes to improve the brand image through the change of space and bring new service experience for consumers. Having... Read more here
Founded in 1948, Smeg is an Italian manufacturer of domestic appliances. Smeg tasked Direct Painting Group with curating a store... Read more here
Nomili Patisserie Nomili Patisserie is a chain of French-style cafés offering a wide range of quality pastries. Following the success... Read more here
Los Angeles studio Commune has used plaster walls, wood built-ins and terracotta tile floors to create a rustic feel inside... Read more here
This boutique is a fusion of ancient Indian traditional elements of architecture with a touch of contemporary essence. The idea... Read more here
Dalziel & Pow has been working with whiskey brand Roe & Co on their new visitor experience and distillery in... Read more here
Deeply infected by both client‘s affection of South Africa and romantic love stories in chateau, the project design of AFRiCONIC... Read more here
WallStack is a modular multipurpose system that transforms indoor spaces – retail, events, office spaces, and many more. It works... Read more here
Svyaznoy chain of stores designed a new brand identity in 2018. The lifestyle and interests of an individual are the... Read more here
When the family behind American agrifood business Simplot decided to build a multi-use community space to honour the memory of... Read more here
Jelmoli‘s Beauty Department is prominently located on the ground floor at Zurich‘s Bahnhofstrasse. To give this prestigious entrance into Jelmoli... Read more here
In Hong Kong the shopping landscape continues to evolve at the blink of an eye – indeed, riots or no...
Read more here
Dim is celebrating 60 years in the fashion industry by promoting a new concept that will accompany its various store... Read more here
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