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A complex facility that bridges China and Japan Edo Elegant opened in 2016 which is located in new developed area,... Read more here
2 days ago
Scent by SIX’s Somerset outfit expands the ideas of wellness and care into the interiors, with stucco walls of sandstone... Read more here
9 days ago
Sustainability, emotional design and high performance combine in the world premiere of the all-electric AUDI e-tron GT. It debuts the... Read more here
“Let’s Come together after being pulled apart for so long!” By Eata . Live project, ICD (I Collective Design) celebrates... Read more here
According to Paolo Ferrari, who designed Canada’s ‘first immersive cannabis retail experience’, companies need to spatially incentivize the consumers who... Read more here
The parallel universe is blended in a deeper sense based on our concept of architectural installation, defining quadruple parallel space:... Read more here
The 2019’s Concept for Millie’s Shoe Boutique, is to create a comfortable, cozy and carefree environment for the customers to... Read more here
Developed by Yen-Hao, Chu for Ziihome, the ‘Hill’ chair combines style and comfort in one. Through a series of ergonomics... Read more here
The library of the town of Dornbirn was designed as an inter-generational sharing, meeting and learning space. It promotes reading... Read more here
Storeage – a Dutch retail design agency based in Shanghai – collaborated with skincare and cosmetics company B+Tube to create... Read more here
Mexico’s Esrawe Studio has designed offices for a law firm in Mexico City with walls of books as a centerpiece.... Read more here
Following the participation of Japanese fashion conglomerate Stripe International in the Maison Kitsuné brand two years ago, the latter has... Read more here
The materials are natural, earthy tones. Rough cut stone slabs form monolithic counters with contrasting lightweight brushed stainless cabinetry keep... Read more here
‘Retail Sculpture’ is a term that emerged early on during the design process of EditionX. Rather than the act of... Read more here
DesignAgency has completed the NeueHouse Bradbury coworking offices as a high-end workspace for residents in Los Angeles. Catering to the... Read more here
Bowed panels of cedar form a chaotic vortex-like structure in Embers, a restaurant in Taipei’s Da’an district designed by local... Read more here
Today, retailers are constantly thinking about how they can transform the in-store experience by creating environments that turn shopping into... Read more here
Founded in 1973 as a men’s clothing store, Men’s Wearhouse has amassed to be one of the largest competitors for... Read more here
Located in Tokyo, T-HOUSE incorporates the structural skeleton of a traditional warehouse from Kawagoe, a city northwest of the capital.... Read more here
Kalina Mall is a new shopping centre in Vladivostok, Russia. It has won the CRE Award 2020, the most prestigious... Read more here
CONCEPT The new office is a series of connected spaces surrounding a central courtyard. The distinct outdoor spaces formed the... Read more here
KOOPERCHITECT was trusted with the design of the Orange Space coworking offices located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The coworking office space... Read more here
Osaka hair and eyelash spot LAND continues the trend of beauty and wellness spaces which also function to accommodate events... Read more here
Located in Maastricht, The Bonnefanten Museum is housed in a world-renown monumental building designed by Aldo Rossi. Hollandse Nieuwe was... Read more here
During the firsts briefing with the clients, I wrote down a phrase that I found myself underlining several times when... Read more here
Attracting foot traffic isn’t the point of the multi-brand retailer’s physical post – Little H uses the Daylab ‘office store’... Read more here
Mr Ming, one of the Hong Kong supermall’s newest hospitality openings, is imagined as the eclectic, cinematic home of a... Read more here
In 2019, the Daylab once again accepted the invitation of LILY to take the lead in upgrading its flagship store,... Read more here
An Italian ice cream shop located in the streets of Fuzhong in Tainan, Taiwan. After test taste of the Pistachio... Read more here
This store marks Lacquer Embassy’s first venture into mainstream commercial stores. As the client manufactures high end, niche, products, it... Read more here
“gallica minami aoyama”, a hair salon, is placed in an area with high-end shops in Tokyo. In such a place,... Read more here
The Letná location of Banh Mi Makers presents a spacious, solid, colourful, and light design by studiominio.
Read more here
‘Nexus8’ by Magicarch office is a traumatology and physiotherapy clinic in spain designed with chromatic interiors that vary depending on... Read more here
By using brass and cast iron to represent the gold and black pattern, we also achieved a solidness to the... Read more here
The project provides a solution for two adjacent commercial spaces, separate but sharing access, foyer and services. Buna is a... Read more here
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