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Kanye West's announcement to run for president has left some celebrities bemused, while others have given the rapper support. Read more here
Make your next party a glittering success with wine glass markers. No more keeping track of tiny charms that may or may not fit around the stems of your glasses. No more cheap red plastic cups marked for your guests’ ID. With these markers, you add flair t
5 days ago
The Rolling Stones have sent multiple cease and desist notes to the Trump campaign denying use of their songs. Read more here
8 days ago
Drake has posted a story to his Instagram feed honouring the men he considers his fatherhood inspirations. Read more here
Brushes and brush pens are an integral part of sumi-e, or Japanese black ink painting and calligraphy. It’s worth every penny to invest in high-quality brushes in order to create a wide array of exquisite lines. Natural bristles, such as weasel or sable ha
As well as Barbra Streisand, Kanye West has reached out to Gianna Floyd offering her financial support in the form of a college fund. Read more here
She also offered up words of wisdom to those who don't feel like they fit in. Read more here
A good lead holder, or lead clutch, is a mainstay for any studio space or drafting desk. Lead holders offer the convenience of a mechanical pencil but, because they can accommodate a heavier lead, they can produce a much wider range of lines. These leads c