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5 Popular Brands That All Men Should Own
5 Popular Brands That All Men Should Own

Brand names aren’t everything, but there’s no denying that there are a couple of well-known brands in the world that all men should have or at least know about. In this article, we’re going to showcase five brands for drastically different products that all men should know about.

5 Popular Brands That All Men Should Own

Clothing: Ralph Lauren 

When it comes to clothing, there are many menswear brands that we could mention. However, one winner must be crowned and we have to give it to Ralph Lauren. The name is so iconic that even people that don’t care about fashion have heard of it. He’s an influential designer that loves traditional clothing, modelling his style after America’s Ivy League colleges and exploring different moods, colours and patterns to create a global label. You’ll find sophisticated men all over the world wearing Ralph Lauren, so why don’t you add some of his clothing to your wardrobe too?

5 Popular Brands That All Men Should Own

Cars: BMW 

Vehicles have come a long way in the past few years. With cars going fully electric and some even going autonomous, there’s nothing quite like getting yourself a classic BMW. Big, bulky and with iconic silhouettes, a BMW is a sign of class and wealth. In the past, owning a luxury car was probably more expensive than anything else on this list, but thanks to comparison sites like GoCompare for insurance and a booming second-hand market for vehicles, it has become very affordable to own a BMW. If you’re a true connoisseur of automobiles, then picking up a classic BMW such as the E26 M1 will elevate your social status.

5 Popular Brands That All Men Should Own

Watches: Hugo Boss 

For men’s watches, you can’t go wrong with Hugo Boss. Excellent construction, superior designs and the iconic logo make for worthwhile investments. Every man should have a watch as part of their outfit (several if you have the money) and there’s nothing better than a classic wristwatch. Forget those fancy high-tech Apple watches and smart wrist devices–a highly-detailed and elegant watch will turn more heads.

5 Popular Brands That All Men Should Own

Eyewear: Ray-Ban  

For sunglasses and general eyewear, Ray-Ban is an iconic brand. They’re stylish, sturdy and built with immaculate quality compared to cheaper brands that you’ll find in high-street stores. You can often find Ray-Ban glasses at your optician if they offer a wide selection, but you can also purchase Ray-Ban sunglasses online. The Ray-Ban website also allows you to customize your own sunglasses with their Remix tool, adding even more personalization to your outfit.

5 Popular Brands That All Men Should Own

Footwear: Thom Browne  

Thom Browne is a leading American fashion designer and a major player in the menswear industry. With a generous selection of brogues, trainers and even sandals, Thom Browne has it all. Classic silhouettes, excellent quality and beautiful craftsmanship makes Thom Browne footwear a go-to brand for any man that wants to be seen and noticed in public. The shoes can be a little pricey, but if you’re willing to wait a while then you might find sales in luxury department stores or even online. Thom Browne footwear is highly sought-after, so expect it to sell quickly!

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