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What If Bak Zhang Is Made Using BROWN RICE?

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The annual Dragon Boat Festival approaches, and it’s time to chiak sio bak zhang! My family makes our own glutinous rice dumplings every year. I love it but just eating one is enough to make me bloated and full for the entire day. BURPPPP…

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This year, gave us a challenge! That is, to do a blind taste test between the usual Nyonya Rice Dumpling, Hokkien Rice Dumpling and a special Brown Jasmine Rice Hokkien Dumpling.

Dong Yuan’s Brown Jasmine Rice Hokkien Dumpling has tender pork cubes marinated with five spices, plus chestnuts and mushrooms. Now, this is interesting because I have never tried a brown rice dumpling before!

Most of us know that eating brown rice is good for our health. It reduces the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and certain coronary heart diseases. But, how will it taste when wrapped into a dumpling?

brown rice dumpling DSCF2284-9
brown rice dumpling DSCF2320-13

Time to let our taste buds decide in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!

Our team of 6 tried the dumplings together and judged them based on taste, texture, and fragrance.

Safe to say, all three ba zhangs did not disappoint! In terms of fragrance and taste, the Nonya Rice Dumplings and Hokkien Rice Dumplings came out tops . Especially the Hokkien Rice Dumplings, which carried a distinct five-spice aroma that which many of us loved.

However, when it came to texture, we preferred the brown rice dumpling which was delightfully chewy. The rice adds more bite to the savoury dumpling and it is neither too mushy nor too sticky. In addition, the dark brownish-red colour is so appetising!

brown rice dumpling DSCF2300-11
brown rice dumpling DSCF2313-12

Like any new food, brown rice dumplings just need some getting used to BUT it is a great option to satisfy your cravings because it is less gluey and gelat compared to regular rice dumplings.

Now, I must get my Ah Gong to try using brown rice in his dumpling recipe too instead of the usual glutinous rice, as it is healthier and keeps us full longer.

In fact, don’t just stop at rice dumplings; incorporate brown rice into your daily diet and make healthy living a part of your lifestyle! I have already switched to brown rice since last year but if you can’t get used to the taste at first, try replacing a quarter of your normal rice intake with brown rice. Together with regular exercise, you will be on your way to healthy eating and living in no time!

brown rice dumpling DSCF2292-10

P.S. Are you a fellow bak zhang lover? There will be a free sampling of rice dumplings from Dong Yuan Bak Zhang (300 Balestier Road, Singapore 329737) on 15 June, from 9am to 9pm. Redeem by mentioning the code “Miss Tam Chiak I love Brown Rice”. While stocks last! Remember to sample the brown rice dumpling!

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